Welocome to SOB!
  • Cabo San Lucas 2016

    It is important to stay hydrated at all times. (Cabo San Lucas 2016)

  • Cabo San Lucas 2020

    Some off court competition at Happy Endings. (Cabo San Lucas 2020)

  • Ixtapa 2023

    Plenty of space for lots of courts. (Ixtapa 2023)

  • Ixtapa 2019

    Hitting perfect sets from two-time Olympian Sean Rosenthal. (Ixtapa 2019 )

  • Cabo San Lucas 2016

    Encouraging words during a “Play with a Pro” session. (Cabo San Lucas 2016)

  • Ixtapa 2017

    Ty Loomis and Paul Ariaza impart some playing wisdom. (Ixtapa 2017)

  • Puerto Vallarta 2018

    Raked and ready. (Puerto Vallarta 2018)

  • Cabo San Lucas 2014

    No cooler place to watch the Añejo Finals. (Cabo San Lucas 2014)

  • Cabo San Lucas 2020

    Beautiful water on both sides of the courts. (Cabo San Lucas 2020)

  • Ixtapa 2019

    Three-time Olympic Medalist April Ross waits for the pass from her “Play with a Pro” partner. (Ixtapa 2019)

  • Ixtapa 2017

    Bill Kolinske makes the most of a hook handicap. (Ixtapa 2017)

  • Ixtapa 2020

    Reposado Coed Finals action. (Ixtapa 2020)

  • Ixtapa 2020

    Playing until one cannot see the ball. (Ixtapa 2020)

  • Ixtapa 2015

     An afternoon on Playa la Ropa is a highlight every trip. (Ixtapa 2015)

  • Puerto Vallarta 2021

    Pro Demo on center court. (Puerto Vallarta 2021)

  • Ixtapa 2016

    Chillin’ in the warm water during the Picante Boat Trip. (Ixtapa 2016)

  • Ixtapa 2020

    The Sexy Bar is always popular after the Lobby Bar closes. (Ixtapa 2020)

  • Cabo San Lucas 2017

    Ty Loomis and friends prepare for trip to Lover’s Beach. (Cabo San Lucas 2017 )

  • Cabo San Lucas 2016

    New arrivals acclimatize to the conditions. (Cabo San Lucas 2016)

South of the Border Volleyball Vacations

“It's hard to improve on paradise, unless you play a little volleyball with some friends while you are there.”

Since 1994, South of the Border (SOB) Volleyball Vacations has offered world class trips to tropical destinations. Join us on our beach volleyball vacations to Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Cabo, Nassau or Cancun. Each year over 400 guests join us for a week of tournaments, clinics and fun with a bunch of volleyball junkies and some of the top Pro Players on the planet.  

SOB.......still playin' in the sand after 30 years, 63 volleyball vacations with 70+ pros and over 8,000 players!