2025 PRICING Coming Soon

First Come, First served

Registration link is on Registration Page

Registration Opens 2nd Tuesday of July


January 18 – 25, 2025 (Sat-Sat)

2025 Information


Since 1995, SOB Volleyball Vacations has been at the Ixtapa Park Royal Hotel in January. With three decades in Ixtapa, SOB has become an annual volleyball pilgrimage to one of the most amazing volleyball beaches on the planet.  You can plan on another epic week that includes food, beverages, one private happy hour, one private banquet, three tournaments (4's, 2's, Coed), pick-up play, clinics, drills, the Picante Snorkel Trip (add-on), La Perla, and an awesome SOB gift (Molten Voleyball and some other schwaag). Players need to cover their own airfare and transfers.  This trip is capped at 72 men, and 72 women on the family and friends. Registration opens annually at noon, MST, on the second Tuesday in July. 

Ixtapa SOB Volleyball Vacation Package Pricing* (the full monty, game on)

Single Occupancy $2,121 per person
Double Occupancy $1,645 per person
Triple Occupancy $1,495 per person
Quad Occupancy $1,495 per person
Additional Night(s) $220 for single, $140 for double, $130 for triple/quad, $75 for children 7-12 (per person)
** Kids/Youth: 1-17 See Above No Volleyball Pricing Below

Pick-Up/Clinics SOB Package Pricing* (see below: no tourney but I want to play some and join activities)

Single Occupancy $1,645 per person
Double Occupancy $1,105 per person
Triple Occupancy $1,070 per person
Quad Occupancy $1,070 per person
Additional Night(s) See additional nights above


No-Volleyball SOB Package Pricing *(see below: spouses, kids, non-players)

Single Occupancy $1,565 per person
Double Occupancy $1,047 per person
Triple Occupancy $1,012 per person
Quad Occupancy $1,012 per person
Additional Night(s) See additional nights above
** Kids/Youth: 13-17 See above, adult pricing, tourney play will approval
** Kids/Youth: 4-12 $464 per child in room with 2 adults
** Kids/Youth: 0-3 Free

Out of Package Pricing (see below, I want to book on my own)

Full Volleyball - please contact SOB office for details $800 per person
Pick-up and Clinic - please contact SOB office for details $400 per person
No VB, just along for the party - please contact SOB office for details $300

*INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: There will be a $50 surcharge to cover additional shipping fees
** Kids are in parents room with either 2 parents in paid double or with 1 parent in paid single

Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policies

Registration $1,000 due with registration
Balance Balance due by 1st Tuesday in August
120+ days prior $250 cancellation fee
89-45 days prior to the trip date $500 cancellation fee
44-30 days prior to trip date $1000 cancellation fee
29-0 days prior to trip date NO REFUND

Travel Insurance:We recommend purchasing travel insurance/protection through a 3rd party. We will be strictly adhering to the above Cancellation Policy. We will no longer transfer funds to a future SOB vacation.

Registration and Wait-List Policies:The Registration Link is on the SOB Registration Page. SOB Volleyball Vacations are filled on a first paid, first reserved basis. The trip usually sells out in the first week after registration opens.  Our Ixtapa Trip accommodates 72 players per gender, first come first served for a total of 144 volleyball participants.  Once the trip fills, players will be placed on a waitlist for any spots that may open due to cancellations.  There is not cost to sign up.  Players will be billed once they get into the trip at which time will confirm their spot with a deposit. (see refund policy above)

Payment:   Registration opens annually on the second Tuesday in July with no obligation.  Over the ensuing 21 days, players will be informed if they got in to the trip at which time payment is due and you can either pay or back out.  Payment plans are available on a case by case basis, please call for details.

Pricing: All Prices are subject to change.

Inclusions:   All-inclusive SOB Ixtapa Volleyball Vacations are priced to include: hotel, food, beverages, 2 or 3 tournaments, clinics with the pros, and an SOB Gift. 

Out of Country fees:  There is an additional $50 fee for out of USA guests to cover international shipping. 

Airfare:   Airfare is not included.   Guests must secure their own airfare. Many guests find significant savings by arriving early and departing late.

Passports:   Passports are required for travel to Mexico. 

COVID-19:   SOB may require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to attend any trip.  SOB will rely on local government mandates at time of travel for all health related policies. 

Transfers:  Airport Transfers are not included.  The cab ride the Hotel usually runs about $30.  Other players are typically in the airport so people hook up and can cost share. 

Additional Nights:  Players wishing to make it a longer trip can arrange for additional nights, however, please let us know before you secure airfare so we can confirm room availability. We have guests arrive early and stay late on most trips so there are usually games to be had. Ixtapa can be difficult to get to on Saturday, so many guests choose to arrive one or two days early or stay an extra day.  Often times the airline cost savings covers the cost of additional nights. 

Picante Boat Trip:  The Picante is for full package guests.  If there is room, we will open it up to other in package guests.  Most of our pros are on the boat!

Out of Package Options:  SOB Ixtapa is a private, curated trip for a group of volleyball enthusiasts.  If you want to join our group, we encourage supporting our pros and staff by joining the trip with one of our packages above.  SOB occasionally has guests who have access to a time share, or have some other requirement that precludes them from joining the group in package.  Please contact us directly so we an discuss an out of package options and make sure you are included in the group.  We respectfully ask that players and fans don't just show up unannounced. Support our pros and staff by joining the group. 

Pickup/Clinics Only Packages:   Some players want to just play pickup and join the clinics all week.  The Pickup/Clinics in SOB Package allows access to the courts and clinics as well as the Picante Snorkel trip (space available), La Perla and Private Functions. It will not include private games with the pros or Schwaag. 

Out of Package Tournament/Pickup/Clinics/Private Pro Games:    Volleyball Only Packages are available for Ixtapa for players booking their own hotel, or staying at another property.  Volleyball Only packages usually run about $700 and get you included in everything including Picante and Schwaag. Please contact us at 303 745-2255. 

Out of Package Pickup/Clinics:   Guest that want a little volleyball but prefer to book outside of our package can do so.  You will be welcome to play on the nets, joing the private dinners, La Perla, Hook.  It will not include Picante, Tournament Play, Clinics, private games with the pros or Schwaag. $100 of the fee will go to our charities. Please call us directly at 303 745-2255

Out of Package Join the Party:   Guests that want to be included in the party but prefer to book outside of our package can do so for $300.  This will get you included in the private dinners, La Perla and hook.   It will not include the Picante, tournament play, clinics, private games with the pros or Schwaag.   We will donate $100 of your fee to our SOB Charities, and the other $200 will help us cover pros, staff.   Please call us directly at 303 745-2255. 

Alumni Packages:  Have you attended a bunch of our trips but reached a point where you want to hang with your friends, cheer on the players, but your game is long gone!   Please reach out, talk to us and let's see what we can do to keep you joining our groups into your twilight years.   In other words, if you can still cheer, heckle and tell volleyball stories at dinner, AARP discounts are on the table!